Finding a new love

When my husband died I felt totally broken and lost.
Recently one of my late husbands friends who’s also on his own and I have started a special friendship life has developed a new meaning.Sadly some of my friends have made very cruel comments,has any one else had this happen to them?

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Hello Popit, how lovely for you to have found a special friend and if it was me I would just try, yes, try to ignore those who are not thinking of your happiness. Our friends and relatives always think they know what is best for us but we have to think of what we need in our lives. One side of my family tried to convince me to move house but honestly it is not for me but try to tell them that it wasn’t going to happen is a different story. We have to do what is best for us and sometimes it may appear to be selfish and if you enjoy someone’s company then it’s your choice, go with your gut instinct. Enjoy your new life and just see where it takes you. I think we are of a similar age and if something so nice comes along I would say good because life is too short to miss something so special. Buy a pair of earplugs :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Enjoy the rest of your life. Love to you both. S

Hello, Popit,
It has nothing to do with anyone else, go for it lass and ignore the naysayers. I agree with Susie 123
Good luck

Hi Popit
There seems to be a strange kind of sexism in society’s attitude towards widows that isn’t applied in the same way to men.
Men almost seem encouraged to find another partner after quite a short time.
If I mention finding love again people almost tut tut and say “ooh you don’t want to be thinking about that”.
They then go home to there partners and their happy homes leaving you sitting alone - sad and unhappy.
Frankly, sod what they think and do what makes you happy - I’m certain that’s what your husband would want - for you to be happy again - mine would !

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