Finding a new partner ?

Hi, it’s been a long while now and I’d like to start trying to meet someone new - my lovely husband, who died way too young (61) told me ‘don’t spend the rest of your life on your own’ and I don’t want to. I miss so much about being together, and I’m not done with love, at least I hope I’m not.
But the dating websites scare me, the reviews on Trustpilot say so many of the sites scam you with fake profiles - so where do us widows and widowers go to safely begin the process of rebuilding our lives and finding love again?
I’m doing sensible ‘widow’ things - joined a choir, tend my allotment but hard to meet people really.
Be grateful for your thoughts.
Thank you x


I am in the US. recently met a couple in their 70s who met on Match. I have been dying to ask her about her experience.

They are married only eight years so they did this late.

Hope that helps …

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P.S. They are the second middle-aged couple I know who met on Match.

Thankyou Berit - that’s encouraging to hear,
Grateful to you x