Finding alice❤️

Please watch Finding Alice sun 9pm
Really good
Insight into loss you’ll need your tissues
Only manage watch 2 eposodes❤️

I haven’t seen this yet @S47, I’ll be sure to check it out on catch up.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’ve watched all episodes and sorry, I can’t recommend it. Unlike Afterlife which successfully dealt with life after loss. I found the overacting style too much :frowning:


Afterlife was really good


I agree. Realistic in a few ways but very few!
Glossed over too much of the shock and administrative nightmare which follows sudden death.
No one can just turn up unannounced at a mortuary and see their loved one. Same goes for the planning officer. The programme addressed the most serious ‘life event’ anyone has to endure. It gave a tiny inkling of the chaos but all the time with an undertone of humour. When actually going through this nightmare it’s hard to see the lighter side of things. It was hard to understand the timescale of what was happening and everything seemed to be able to be resolved far too easily compared with the real world. Don’t think it did anyone grieving any favours whatsoever. Once again it’s a case of someone imagining what happens rather than having experienced it I think.
Afterlife in comparison was a more realistic depiction but was ruined by the psychotherapist who added nothing. Still worth a watch.
Never thought I’d be watching and reviewing these programmes. Nor, I suppose, did any of us. Sad for us all.


Oh, couldn’t agree more, that was totally unnecessary. Bad mistake to have this in the story line.

Haven’t seen Finding Alice but I found Afterlife relatable, have to agree with Jobar, didn’t really see the point of that crazy therapist. I envy the protagonist because he got so many videos of his wife…

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Yes I never thought I would be watching the whole series of afterlife either❤️

Yes I have watched this, it did upset me at first. Some of it is unrealistic like going to the mortuary at the hospital. Also the bereavement group is nothing like the one I went to. On the programme they didn’t want to talk about their loss when in a real bereavement group it is where you feel comfortable talking about your loved one. It does show how you should have a joint account and things in place if one of you dies. When you are young you just don’t think it will ever happen to you. We don’t want to think about death but it happens to everyone.

But loved afterlife felt more real
Got your tissues😢

I did relate to a few things in ‘Finding Alice’ like trying to find passwords and folk on the other end of the phone having no interest in the fact you had just lost your Husband. Burying him in the garden & the son she never knew about turning up was far fetched but I suppose they have to entertain & it was a dark comedy after all.
You could not compare ‘Finding Alice’ to ‘Afterlife’ whatsoever as it handled grief in a more realistic fashion & you felt the writer ( Ricky Gervais ) could relate to the feelings and emotions of the newly bereaved. It also showed empathy as well as making you smile at certain aspects.


I hated Finding Alice. I had high hopes to watch it because the home automation situation (that I am still struggling with 3 months later and I am no tech idiot) sounded similar to mine. It wasn’t, all the silly cow had to do was find a bespoke tablet for her system, hit some buttons a child could operate and it worked! That annoyed me so much I didn’t watch past the first episode so maybe my review is not wholly fair though!!

Also that she was calmly on the phone to the bank the next day, the mortuary experience as several mention and she was on the whole fine just seemed so unrealistic to me… I felt like bashing her easy smartphone controller over her head and then wrapping her in her overlarge smart curtains before slamming her head in her smart fridge that she couldn’t find.

Apart from that it was good :slight_smile:


Fleur. I’m laughing so much. . I love your posts

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So I’ve watched most of finding Alice
Yes actually have to admit it is quite far fetched over dramatic & unrealistic
Like just turning up at the mortuary
Or burying her husband in the garden etc.

But I do prefer afterlife
Think most time cried and few laughs much more realistic showed more empathy felt more real

You made me laugh too, so true what you say, so funny .