finding hard to deal with the lost of my wife.

its nearly four month since wife passed away and i just can,t stop crying.

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It gets harder the longer it goes on I think. I am 3 months on and I miss my wonderful husband more and more each day. Also, each day seems more and more pointless. People on here understand so keep posting. I spoke to my GP and you can register for counselling on here or through Cruse. I also found useful - it is written by someone who lost her partner so she understands. Take care

Hello. My thoughts go out to you. Its been 5 weeks since i lost my husband


It’s only 2 months since my wife passed away. She had a long illness over 5 years. I can’t stop crying. I can’t get past thinking of all the bad times of how she suffered especially over the past 6 months. The evenings are the worst when I feel totally overwhelmed. I sit looking at all our old family photos and end up in tears again. I’m only holding it together sometimes because I don’t want to distress my 3 daughters


So sorry for your loss. My own wife passed in August last year and I also have tears every day. We had been together almost 50 years, yet we were both still looking forward to doing lots together. I wish there was something I can say to help you. I have counselling once a week, but am a long way from family. She was my family. I do find talking to people helps but even 10 months later I find it really difficult to be without her. If you would like to talk at some point, please do. It is all very raw for you and I understand if you don’t. I have really had to force myself to even go out, even to shops. I know my wife would want me to choose to live, so I try. I do hope you can find some help, I know what you are going tjrough. There are a lot of good people on here, it is a safe and comforting place.


Good Morning and thank you for the message. It’s comforting to be in touch with someone who is going through this and who fully understands what it is i am feeling. I am trying so hard. I awake in the mornings and look forward to the night time when I know that is my only escape. It’s also reassuring to know that all these grief stages are normal . I would very much like to talk . Thank you.

Sorry Ito hear your still struggling after all these months. It must be hard not having family close to you. I keep being told you don’t get over the grief but you learn to live with it. I hope things get easier for you soon.
Best wishes

Hi Angela

Sorry about your loss. I’m finding it very difficult like you. I’m sat here now wondering what I can do to fill my day. I always go for a long walk no matter what the weather , I find this helps clear my mind for a short while. Even then when I’m out I can just start crying and feel overwhelmed. I’m getting upset just writing this message. I’m finding it’s helping me being in contact with people going through the same emotions. I then feel like I’m not on my own.

Best wishes

I had a long walk this morning for 3 hours. It was kind of distraction. But when I have lunch with my teenage daughter talking about her mother I weeped. I tried many things to numb/distract myself but nothing seems to work well. I’m just 3 months in the tormenting journey perhaps I have to plod on until time intervene…
some say this pain will never go. It’s just that with time our life grows bigger so grief becomes wrapped up by it so it’s teeth is less sharp…

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Hi Gary. Thank you for your message. Maybe

So very well said, and true, the pain is still strong with me but the only thing that can help me and you is reaching out, there is a hand out there that will grasp it and hold it while it needs holding. 7 months for me now, it’s not the life we planned not the life I want but it ts what we have got, so do what you can to get yourself through each stage of greif, I did and still am met some new lifelong friends along the way, but I had to reach out, now it is up to you. X x

Glad that you’re reaching out and making some new friends Ron.

It is hard, not my natural character but you do have to re invent yourself but hopefully do not become a different person to the one my wife fell in love with. Wish you was closer or you would be on my must meet list x x
Ron x x

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Do you live near Catterick garrison?

Maybe over the summer some time Ron - I don’t think I’ve ever been Preston way!

Dear @Gary123, im so sorry for your loss, i too am going through it, my husband passed away a year ago after a 3 year battle with pancreatic cancer. I have found Tom Zuba, he is on facebook or youtube, he lost 3 members of his family and now is helping others with their grief. He has comforted me immensely. He has written 2 books. I hope you can find some peace as i have. Virtual hugs, Margarita

it is really hard Angela.Since the wife died her daughter and son to her first mariage has,ent spoke to me since the wiufe passed away

Thanks Margarita. I will look up Tom Zooba. Hopefully it will help.
Best wishes x

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