Finding it difficult

I lost my first born daughter on 10th April 2021… people keep saying to me it will get easier but I’m finding this harder as time goes on…

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Hello Nicnic15. I’m so sorry that you have had take this awful journey too. People who say it will get easier have no idea what they are talking about. My lovely son died in 2018. Looking back now I would say that that first year I was in shock and disbelief. I found the second year much harder. There was a reality to it. Although it doesn’t get easier your grief does change over time. It won’t be as sharp or as all consuming. You will get periods where it’s a dull ache, a weight. It’s still early days for you. I found reading books on grief helpful. They let me know I wasn’t going mad. This site also helped. Someone will always answer you and some times it’s helps just to write down what you are feeling. And remember you have got through from April to now. You will get through the coming months. You will never feel the same again as you did before April but you will find a new way of living. My thoughts are with you :sunflower:


Aww thank you :heart: sorry for you loss… I agree people have no clue to the feelings and emotions. Its hard when you lose someone close but loosing a child at what ever age is the hardest thing to ever deal with… thank you :heart: xxx