Finding it hard coping on my own

Hi everyone. I am new on here even though it has been 2 and a half years since the murder of my daughter but i still find it so hard coping with it on my own and just wondered if others feel alone and it is a struggle after losing a loved one :cry:

Dave, how horrible for you and being on your own is hard under normal circumstances. I do hope you had counselling after her death but even if you did it may help to talk to a trained counsellor. Just being able to talk and unload what you feel to a sympathetic listener helps.
When someone special leaves us they never go away, they are part of our being and grief has this bad habit of coming back which makes our life hard. Time does help but our feelings and memories are always with us. Please don’t let grief take over your life your daughter would not want another life taken. Thinking I’d you, take care. S xx

How devastating for you. I’m so sorry for your loss.
It goes without saying we are all struggling with our grief but for you to lose your daughter in this manner.

If you could keep posting hopefully you will find some support here.
It has been invaluable to a lot of us. We understand your pain and heartache.

Sending you a hug
Dee x