Finding it hard to Cope

thank you Abdullah for your kind thoughts and good advice. I do hope you are doing ok . I have been wondering how you have been doing with your situation too. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you.

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Oh pattidot you have been through so much. You are so brave. I am so glad you got rid of that nasty bloke (he sounds a bit like a married manager I once had that sexually harassed me he was so nice on the face of it but urgh) . So glad the police have changed their attitudes to domestic abuse and stalkers. And Even more so I am so glad that you met your wonderful husband and found true love instead. You got your fairy tale prince charming after all and I am only sorry that it has ended for you but am so glad you found each other in the first place. I think though when we have one terrible hardship earlier in life when something else awful happens (different type of situation) I think that i got through that and so I can get through this too. i have this silly little prayer I say whernever things get tough. “Oh Please God, give me the strength I do not have” And sometimes it helps. Take care. Pattidot you are a remarkable and brave woman, be proud of yourself. I am really meeting some amazing and such admirable people on here.

Hello Meebee
I have never thought of myself as brave it is just part of growing up and that things don’t always go to plan. I thought my experience might help you if you decided to move to another area. Make sure you cover your tracks and can’t be found.
Yes Brian was my fairy tale husband. As one door closed another opened but I am not expecting or want another door to open.
I am so pleased you have sorting it out with your Uncle and hope everything goes alright for you and you can sort out those troublesome relatives.

You are brave even if you didn’t feel it at the time, I think that bravery is not necessarily doing a brave action like jumping out a plane etc but being afraid of doing something and having the courage to continue. Sometimes our experiences force us into types of bravery. Even while we are a total scaredy cat in other areas of our life. I don’t think they would be that interested in tracking me they are far too lazy and not that bad. Truthfully getting at me and making life more difficult for me maybe their way of coping. But no they wouldn’t follow me or look for me that would be too much effort on their part. It is more what they can get away with here.
I am just taking each day as it comes and hope for things to get a bit better at some point. I too am so glad everything is ok with my uncle I worry about him as he is elderly but strong. Him and my aunt had no kids of their own so he has a few nieces and nephews who keep an eye out for him on both sides of his family. But for me he is one of the last family i have so I am definitely relieved it was a temporary thing. Thank you so much for caring. Doors always open and close. Sometimes we aren’t ready to see them but I realise that you are talking about a door in terms of romance and I was speaking in general. I think perhaps another type of door will open for you in time, well I hope that it will. Something for you. Everyone things of fairytales as nice little kids stories but if you really look at them bad things happen to people before they get the good stuff. The fairytale the good part is the happy ending and you definately deserved that and Brian was that part of your story and so sadly that story is over. But another story will in time start for you not romantically but I guess thats what life is lots of little stories that happen to us both good and bad. Sorry got off topic totally. I am in a philosophising mood i think. Just know that I am thinking of you and wishing you well, relatively speaking.

Just renoticed this and meant to say thank you. I appreciated your kind words. Sorry take care

That’s ok, sometimes there are so many posts and you mean to reply later but then forget, I just hope if I haven’t ever replied to someone they do realise it is because I have forgotten to. Hope you’re doing as well as you can.

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You too. Take care. Thinking of you.