Finding it hard to cope

I lost my dad in May which was totally unexpected. Although it’s been horrible I think I’d been coping ok But - my mum has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We’ve been told she could be gone before Christmas. I’m a mess. I’m crying all the time and feel totally unable to cope

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Ellimac, what a dreadful time you are having and it is no surprise that you are crying. Dealing with the loss of your dad is horrible for you but now knowing about your mother most be extremely painful. If you can and have the time I think it may be good to get counselling now, so you have help getting through the months ahead, I don’t know if this is something you have considered, there’s Cruse and we have counselling on here, at present it isn’t face to face but it could help. I am pleased you found us because there is lots of help from others who have been and are going through horrible times. Take care of yourself.
My prayers and blessings to you and your family.S xxx

Hi Ellie please feel free to private message me I know what your going through x