Finding it hard to cope

My son who is 47 has terminal pancreatic cancer and is in a hospice in Reading. I live in Sussex and I have been unable to visit as I have a chronic lung condition. I just feel so helpless and feel that I’ve let him down.

Be kind to yourself. You would be there if you could. I’m sure he understands. What an awful situation for you to be in. Have you not got any family who could help you get over to see him? :heart::heart::heart:

I have nephew who could take me if my infection is not present but as it is I would not wish to bring infection to the hospice. I also find traveling a difficulty. I am oxygen dependent and my conditions changes throughout the day.It is so difficult to make plans.

That must be so hard for you my love

Thank you for your response it is hard and we have no idea how much longer v my son will survive.

My heart goes out to you. I’m sitting here crying feeling sorry for myself and then I read your situation. My heart is broken but I have my health. I pray you get to see your son soon…x

Thank you for your response, I know that I will not be able to visit my son before the end of his life, his Dad, my husband who is my carer did go to visit whilst my youngest son stayed with me. I have spoken to my son on the phone and have received video of him. I have to accept the situation. I am glad that his father and brother have been able t visit along with other family members. I do not think it will be long now.

I really wish I could get you to your son. My heart breaks for you. Keep talking on here when you need to, there is always someone to listen and share. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for you to get strength…x

My son lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this afternoon, he is now pain free and at peace. Thank you for your love and support

I am so sorry jojam. I will keep you in my thoughts over the next few days. I pray you get strength to get through…x

R.i.p. x

So sorry Jojam. My thoughts are with you. Your precious son is at peace now. X

So sorry for your loss xxx