Finding it hard to think clearly

Hi Everyone

My lovely mum died in February in hospital. It was a sudden death although mum had been in hospital for a month. Mum had pneumonia and recovered. Sadly she contracted salmonella poising and then hospital acquired pneumonia.

I have sent a complaint letter to Pals and was supposed to have a response in July. Still waiting was informed that there are staff on holiday etc, last week.

Prior to mums passing we have had around 10 family members pass in the last 3 years. So it has been hard to deal with all the loss and then loosing my mum was the hardest of all.

I applied for job a few weeks ago it would have been a homeworking job. Surprisingly i got the job! It was a sector that I had not worked in and the role was working afternoons Mon to Fri 4 to 8.

I am also in the process of moving, hopefully at the end of October. This has positive and negative for me. As we currently live in the family home where we lived with my mum and my dad had lived previously.

I have now had second thoughts regarding taking the job, as I feel I am overwhelmed with everything. Moving, waiting on the response to complaint, my husband does not have good health and is waiting on an operation. Lastly our neighbours are not living in their house, and have left their dogs there and pop in once or twice a day. This has been breaking my heart and I have now reported to RSPCA. Do people find it hard to make decisions when they are grieving? Does anyone think I am doing the right thing in not going for the job at this time?

Thank you for reading and helpful feedback would be welcomed.

Sorry to hear what you went through. It sounds like you have so much going on but only you can’t decide if working would help you. Some people prefer the distraction, others not so much. It maybe a case of trying it and then putting it down to experience if it doesn’t work out.
Sorry, that probably not very helpful x