Finding meaning

Had a really good day. Great drum lesson. I’m feeling confident about learning something new. Bit me on the bum later and bawled my eyes out. Me and Frankie talked about doing music together. He was gonna pick up the guitar again and me singing. Would we have done it? Probably not. Life always got in the way. I was always going to do something musically. Last thing I expected was drums but I love it. I know Frankie will be proud of me💙


That’s amazing, well done you. We had a duo, my husband was guitarist andi sang x we.became.lazy with it but had.great mics and. doing videos. Music.was a.great joy. Luckily I do play guitar but its.not the same x.keep going x

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I feel the same about hiking which we both loved. I might join a walking group when all this is over. I do miss it but it’s not the same without him💙