Finding new posts

Is there anything which can be improved with the way this site shows up new posts? I check on a daily basis for new posts in case I can have any helpful input but this one has only shown up to me today. This has happened several times before and I’m sure must happen to other members, which could explain why some contributors don’t get very prompt replies from other users. At a time when you need support so much I fear this could do a lot of harm.

Hello @KarenF, the homepage shows the latest posts ordered by when they were last posted. When a thread is posted in, it automatically brings it to the top of the latest screen, so you may need to scroll down to see threads which haven’t yet been posted in.

You can also see, “New” threads, if you click the 3 line menu at the top right of your screen.

There is a way to view threads which haven’t had a response but it’s not part of this particular community platform navigation. You can use this link and it has recent threads which have yet to receive a response at the top. You might want to add this link to your bookmarks.

I hope this is helpful - thank you for looking out for other members.

Take good care,

Thank you for your reply. I often click on the three bars and look through any threads I haven’t checked within the losing partner category, which are in bolder type. This still seems to have missed several new posts over the last few weeks the one day they appear many days after they have been posted.
Does anyone else find this?

Thanks for the link. I have bookmarked your post to save that.

I’ll keep trying,