Finding relief in the familiar

Hi, I very recently lost my grandad to cancer and have been struggling to deal with it, however I have found comfort in some old movies we used to watch together. I was wondering if anyone else has objects/ sounds/ sights that bring them relief or a sense of connection to someone they’ve lost? Thank you for anyone that shares with me I wish you all well

one does find relief in the familiar. it is of comfort. I have never liked my hometown but now that my parents are gone, I take a bittersweet comfort in being here. it can be a painful reminder, but comforting at the same time.

I suspect there are many people who, like myself,still live in homes which they have shared with loved ones for many years. In my case I have lived here for 42 years of my married life. The house is full of things that constantly engage the senses and have such a strong sense of connection to my loved ones, as I’m including my children in that. I’m surrounded by items that were just part of my wife’s life and sometimes they bring a smile to my lips. On other days the same things can make me cry. These are just inanimate objects… things… but still have great power to move me. I would struggle to get rid of these everyday items as they seem to have assumed great significance.

YorkshireLad, you speak for me also. The home me and my husband built together is the place I like to be. It was ours and it still is ours. I feel close to my husband here. Everything around me is familiar and reminds me of David, not that I need reminding of course. My son came and lit the Woodburner in the garage today and for a split second I thought my husband was down there. It was breathtaking but comforting - he was always in the garage with the fire burning…xx

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