First anniversary coming up .

Hi this weekend is the first anniversary of my Dad’s passing . I looked after him at home until the end and every day this week everything that happened each day is going through my head . It feels like it’s happening all over again . I’m at a loss .has anyone looked after there parents at home until they passed ? It’s the hardest thing ever I just keep breaking down :cry::cry:

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Hi, with my Mum I did, my dad and brother passed away Suddenly xx

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Hi there

Yes, I looked after my Dad who fought to stay at home. He was house bound with emphysema and COPD and I took him groceries and meals over often. I loved him dearly, more than anyone, he was way more than my Father. He was only 64 when he passed on the 3rd of November. I found him on his bathroom floor. An image that will haunt me on forever no matter how hard I try not to focus on it. It wasn’t fair. It was too soon. My Grandma has been in hospital for 6 months and Dad and I spoke about how we didn’t think she had long left and to be extra nice to her every visit! He’d often lose his temper at her and growl ‘maaaaaa’. Oh I miss him, it doesn’t get easier. It never will.
When did you go back to work?

Sorry for your loss x


I am so sorry to here that . It must of been awful xx my Dad was ill with copd for a long time then in February he caught a flu . The doctors wanted him to go into hospital but he refused so that was that . It took 8 days for the flu to kill him . I played pink Floyd to him all he’s favourite music while he could still hear. Then I managed to get a bed into the living room it was awful . He’s anniversary is Sunday. 1 year. My dad was very stubborn and strong will…really wish he had gone into hospital but it was he’s choice :cry: he was on 63 too . Xxx

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So sorry that must be awful for you xx💔

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Really? Mine had it for 9 years, was diagnosed on my 18th birthday. He also fought to stay at home when I often told him to get medical help. So very strong willed too, he still rode his motorbike up until the end. My Dad loved Pink Floyd too, one of his songs I chose at the funeral was The Great Gig In The Sky :heart:
It never gets easier does it? How do you feel a year on, looking back now?
My Dad’s day was also a Sunday!


It’s been the hardest part of my life especially when no one has been there for me too x

Hi how strange my dad was into bikes too . He had an accident 20 years ago and couldn’t ride no more . I wanted to play floyd at he’s funeral but it was a six miniutes sing so I chose a different one. My dad was half singing to comfortably numb while he was dying . I just can’t listen to it without crying . Everyone says wow a years gone quick . Well to me it hasn’t !! Don’t know about you ? When your grieving it feels like forever . He is such a massive loss I’m he’s only daughter :broken_heart:

Hi I feel your pain . I’ve been on my own on this journey too :cry::cry::cry:xxx

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Hi my mum also had COPD and I lost her on New Year’s Day. She was only 73. She had COPD for a number of years but I was not expecting everything to go downhill so quickly. She was not great but not ill the day she died. Then she was struggling with her breathing, we called an ambulance, she went out the house okay but unconscious when she got to hospital, could of hours later we lost her. They put it down to COPD but I just cannot understand why things changed so quickly.

We played queen to mum whilst she died and ELO I find it difficult to listen to those songs now. In fact I don’t.

Dad was diagnosed with COPD a year ago but I think he’s had it for a number of years. I really worry about him now he’s on his own without mum. X

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