First Anniversary of losing my Mum,


My Mum who meant the world to me passed away on August 31st of last year. It is coming up to a year soon,since her passing. Initially in the beginning i coped well,and was proud how i dealt with my Mum’s funeral as well as carrying on looking after my son who is 12 alone being a lone parent. Then the grief and shock started to hit me around December of last year,a few months after. The past few months have been extremely difficult coping,also with losing my Mum,it has made my illness of 6 years which i have suffered from worser,resulting in me vomiting in the morning with my anxiety at its most severe,one example,and having to see my doctor on many occasions. I am frightened,my Mum who was there for me so much,despite suffering with a life long illness herself is not here properly anymore.I feel to young for this,i am only 35,and have been through a lot in my life already. It has got to the point where i am scared to attempt anything other than looking after my son,our flat,or seeing my counsellor each week,and soon the sessions with my counsellor will be coming to an end. The thoughts in my head are will i ever be able to work a paid job again or study? The truth is i am scared if i push myself to attempt anything and it goes wrong,who will help me to sort things out now my Mum is not here. Lucy.

Hi Lucy3383, I’m really sorry to read that you’re finding things so difficult right now. It’s good to hear you’ve been having counselling, have you asked them about the possibility of continuing sessions for a bit longer if you feel it’s helping you?

Anniversaries can be a particularly difficult time - we have a thread here on the topic and you might find it helpful to read how others have coped with anniversaries of their loved one’s death.

I hope that helps.
Take care

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