First Anniversary

Tomorrow will be a year since my husbands sudden death. So far today I have received three large bunches of flowers & cards which have turned me into a wreck, It is kind of people to remember Peter but I have shed more tears this morning than any other day. What will I be like tomorrow? It doesn’t help that I have a chest infection and unable to leave the house. My daughter wants me to spend the weekend at her house but I don’t want to pass this infection on to them
Sorry to moan when you all have your problems but apart from the phleym I want to get this off my chest

Barb, sorry to hear about your chest infection and yes not going to your daughter sounds a good idea. Anniversaries are always difficult even after a few years and I normally try to organise those days but life is not normal. Please remember that by Monday everyone will have forgotten and then you are into another year. It’s hard and these special days make it harder but don’t worry about crying it’s the best way to ease your emotions. Pride yourself on what you have achieved in this last year and try to look at the coming year and the things you want to do even if they sound daft, just give yourself a smile. Keep safe and get well soon. Sending you blessings and hugs S xxx

Thank you so much Susie
I do feel proud of what I have achieved this last year including going away for a weekend on my own.
I feel your hugs xxx