First anniversary

My husbands first anniversary of him leaving us is in 3 weeks time, I feel very emotional, my grief/ missing him feels much worse and I feel anxiety at times.
I think it’s all to do with it, I have aug 3rd going around my mind and I’m finding it hard .
Any input would be much appreciated , thank u

Three weeks will pass slowly, but I am sure your husband would not want you to get in an emotional state. Try, I say try because it’s so difficult, to accept how you feel as a perfectly normal happening in grief. Anxiety often follows bereavement. The future is so uncertain. There is no time limit to grief. Yes, we tend to relive it all over again, because the pain was so great how could we not feel it’s recurrence. Once August 3rd is past accept that it’s another milestone in what we call life. Difficult!
There will be other milestones and we need to be strong enough to cope. So take care of yourself. I’m sure you will cope. You have for so long so you do have strength. Believe it. Blessings.

Hi I lost my darling four years this year and they are all v hard. I still find life without him unbelievably painful. I still have his ashes and over the last four years I have taken some of them to places where we were happy including abroad. I find being away from home better than being in our home so I do my best to get away. Sorry if this sound weird. I am trying to find different ways to cope as I have no family at all it’s just me. Last year I sat in the sun with a glass of wine and told him I love him and had a ruddy good cry. I hope you find the best way for you to cope. Some try to do something to take their mind off it but I like to just try to remember happy times xx