First Birthday without husband

It’s my first birthday without my beautiful husband Ian. It’s my 60th, now reading 0the same age as him when he passed away in August last year. My family and friends have been great, especially my daughter and son. His family blanked me 2 days after his death, only wanted his money, and showed me no compassion, sympathy what so ever so won’t be remembered by them. I miss Ian so much and hope he’s with me in spirit today. I’m slowly getting through my days without him, but take him with me where ever I am. Truly believe we will be together again one day, that gives me great comfort.
Have as good a day as you can everyone.
Julie xxxxx

Hi Julie, I’m sending good wishes on your 60th birthday; a day I hope that doesn’t bring you too much sorrow. Maybe there’s something planned for later. The sunshine has been ordered in…I believe Ian will walk beside you, as he always has, x

Warm wishes are with you on your 60th birthday Julie59. I hope you will get through the day as best as you can. I just passed my birthday on Feb. 14, The “First” since losing my beloved younger sister 9 months ago. These “firsts” are painful, I know. I somehow managed, but it was just not the same. But yes, I believe our loved ones are with us in spirit, Take care, Xxx, Sister2

Thank you Rainbow and Sister 2 for your lovely words xx

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