First birthday

My beautiful son would be 28 today. This is the first time I haven’t seen him on his birthday from he was born. Why is life so cruel, he gave so much, he just loved living. I’m heartbroken x

I’m so sorry that you have to face today without your son. Birthdays must be so hard.
I hope you find some comfort in your memories of your dear boy.
Sending you hugs x

Thank you matella for replying. Today turned out better than I thought possible. My son’s friends all called in, my family called or texted and tonight our family and close friends had supper together and released balloons in his memory. I’m sure he was among us, smiling. Happy birthday son x

I’m sure he was with you . I was on holiday last week . One morning I woke up with a song in my head . I’d never heard it before . I can’t recall it now , I’m not sure if it ever existed . But I can very clearly recall the recurring line in the song, which was I wish I was with you now . I didn’t hear my son singing it, but I emphatically felt his presence and I know it came from him. He died in August 2015 at the age of 17. I believe beyond any doubt that there is a life beyond this, and that love never dies .

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Thank you Paul, I’m sorry you live with this pain to. I think you are right. I tell my daughter that her brother looked out for in life there is no way he would leave us in death. I thought his birthday would be so difficult, especially for her as she had to go to her friends funeral, he died at the weekend in an accident. But we were all together on Thursday night and gradually I realized laugher was creeping in. We told stories etc and it was so good to hear her laugh. I have no doubt her brother was there and knew she needed to smile. Take care x


Hi Paulsm and all, I often get into the car at times when something significant has occurred or it’s a difficult day and certain songs will come on the radio to remind me that my daughter is close and thinking about us. It sets me off but a great comfort too…x