First Christmas with out my mum

Hi all , as we all know it is Christmas in 5 weeks . Finding it very hard to get in to the christmas spirit. As it is the first one with out my mum I lost her January this year was a big shock. Still cry every day for her
She is still a big loss . I dont know how I am going to cope this year with out .

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Hi I lost my mum 6 weeks ago to cancer after just 2 months of being ill in those 6 weeks I’ve had to deal with her birthday not looking forward to Christmas at all. My only comfort is not mum is not in pain anymore.

Sending you a big hug xx

Sending hugs back shazza x

It’s so hard . after my mom passed my brother gave my sister and her son’s birthday cards they both had birthdays the last week of October a day apart and my eldest daughters was the first week in November .my nephew was 18 the day after she passed she had written in his card but had yet to write in my sister’s and daughters .so my daughter had her card at home it was her 21st was so sad mom didn’t get to write in it as she planned to .and see them as she usually did x

Sending hugs Sam, I cryed my eyes out today wrote a Christmas cards out today . Came to a special one and write to mum and dad in it . It is getting so hard just wish she was here . Got asked the other day what do you want for christmas I said my mum xxx

I can relate to your sandness and the pain . I only bought Christmas cards last weekend and I still bought one for mom XX and I said to my family I’m not botherd about gifts for me . becouse In my heart I just wish mom was here more than anythink .to chat to her here her voice get a hug

We both wish for the same thing hun big hug .

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Hugs to you to x

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Hello Everyone, I am reading your heartbreaking posts, and am so sorry for your pain. I lost my mother in 2012, to lung cancer, and it took years to ever really get into the Christmas spirit again. She loved Christmas, and I always helped decorate her house, and we made it so festive. My younger sister and I tried to carry on the traditions, and made the best of it because we had each other. Then in 2017, my precious younger sister was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She did quite well , however, until May of this year when she died suddenly, and my best friend was gone. This Christmas I mourn my sister and my mother. This is another “first” Christmas without a loved one, and no one else in the family can begin to understand how alone I feel. I shared the closest and most loving relationship with both of them. My younger sister and I bonded even closer after my mother’s death, and planned to grow old together. Now I face the new year alone. Christmas will be a dark day for me this year. Caring thoughts to all, Sister2 in Sadness

I’m sorry for your loss of your mom and sister . I couldn’t imagine how that would feal we as a family where close but have gotten even closer since mom passed away .my mom lost her mom to cancer and a neice and only a few months before mom passed away her younger brother passed away she didn’t even know what city he was in and missed him so much and tried to find out where he was she found out the day after he passed away through I phone call I felt so sorry for mom . I have started to think how mom must of felt over the years and how heartbreaking it was for her . But on the outside she was still so strong and wanted everyone else to enjoy Christmas every year there are presents at my mom’s and cards .she had her day planed to go out had her clothes ready . She had more to do in the future that would past Christmas this year .Try to be around your family they may not understand exactly how hard it is for you and all that you feal but it’s not good to be alone I don’t know what I would do if it was just me and I’m still very sad we all are .and even when I’m with other family members I still feel sad but I would be alot worse if I was to be alone .
Sending love to you x

Thank You Sam2018. My mom also lost a younger sister and later in her life, her older sister also died. I often thought how I could never be as strong as my mom, if I lost my younger sister. Now it has happened, and I am asking my mother to send me some of her strength to please help me through this. I am sorry for your pain too, and for everyone here, as we try to find some comfort in what will be a very “different” holiday this year. For me, sometimes it is better to be alone than with people who do not understand, and will only make it worse. I only want my sister and my mom back this year. There is no Christmas without them. Xxx Sister2

I just want my mom back to the whole family do. there where lost of tears yesterday .but not just then everyday we love her more than anything and she loved us all .mom was so strong just like you said your mom was .she had some struggles and lost loved ones but was so strong I think she was strong for all the people around she loved .she always made Christmas special then again every day was special . I Hope you found some strength yesterday and throughout this Xmas .xxx

Hi I lost my mum on my birthday 9 days before Xmas so I hate Xmas and my birthday it was a year ago I am still struggling it’s hard

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