First Christmas without Henry

I lost my son 9 weeks ago. I’ve spent the day with my family and it’s been ok but I’m so desperately sad and missing Henry so much. We spent last Christmas together and I never even took any photos as we’d just moved house.

Today I cooked lunch at my sister’s house for 10 just to keep me busy. My husband was my sous chef.

Overall I’ve coped. We all love Henry and we have all lost him. The space he’s left felt huge today but we have got through.
Love my boy. His son was ten today and he’s being so brave having Christmas and his birthday without his Dad.

I hope you’ve all coped today whatever you did. Looking forward to the new year.
Love to you all. X

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It’s so hard but we got though too. Lisa’s little one was so amazing today. She brings sunlight to our darkest corners.
She is our guiding light. Her mummy is helping us to heal through her wonderful little child. Somewhere she is watching over us all.
Miss her so much.
Kate xx


Yes Kate, our children are there watching and guiding us through this world. Grandchildren are the future and they will save us. Lots of love to you.

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And love to you. Thank heavens we all have each other on this site.xx

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