First Christmas without him. Help

My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly at the ages of 31 2 weeks ago.
I am in still complete shock and not sure how I am getting through the days without him.
But I have woken up and it’s Christmas Eve, he loved Christmas.
I really don’t know how to cope or even breath getting through these next few days without him here.
Our precious little girl is due in March So I feel I have a purpose to carry on for her but these waves of emotionas can be really tough and I just want it to end.
I’m going to see him today.
Has anyone got any tips how to get through the dreaded Christmas period without your husband/best friend

I am so dreadfully sorry to hear if your dreadful loss. There is little I can say apart from that other than you are not alone in your sorrow. Lost my wife very suddenly and unexpectedly at about the same time as you lost your husband. At the moment, I also find it almost impossible to cope, even with such necessary things as the funeral.

I’m really sorry your loss too. It is the worst thing that anyone could ever experience.
Hope your holding up as best you can be.
Everyday is a struggle and people tell you to be strong, but what more can we do. They say you keep busy organising the funeral but I’m like your self I can’t even do that.
Let’s hope a little comfort and ease comes very soon

Hi vhurst so sorry ,i know nothing i can say will make it all feel better for you,but please take good care of your own health for you and your beautiful baby,like you mention you do have a purpose to carry on and you will find a strength from within to do that,we all understand the pain here of loss,just take it minute by minute,it is tough like you say your emotions will be all over,just keep going,and post on here how you are feeling every step of the way,you will get support here from many.Blessings to you xx

So sorry about what happened it’s heart breaking. I lost my partner in May suddenly he was only 48. You will have your lovely girl to keep you going I can’t wait until Christmas and New year is over all I can say is get lots of support and take one day at a time.
Take care
Christine x

So Sorry to hear of you’re loss, I lost my husband very suddenly 19th May, nothing anyone can say will make you feel any better, but please just know, the people posting on this forum have all gone through or going through what you are now and we’re all supportive if each other, look after yourself and your beautiful baby now and when he/she makes their entry into this world, blessings, it is very difficult at this time of the year with everyone being very cheerful yet inside we’re heartbroken, take care and sending hugs ☆☆☆

Thank you all for your kind words and support.
I went to see him today at the chapel so a very hard day.
It’s very hard to be around people celebrating Christmas and I’m dreading New Year’s Eve but their lives go on. I feel I have nothing to live for anymore.
When does the pain and grief start to ease? Or is there anything people can give me tips on how to help
Kind regards xxx

Yes a very hard day for you vhurst,there is never a time of year that makes loss any better,but this time of year adds to the grief,i lost my husband 10 months ago,at the beginning like you i felt the shock and numbness of it all,as the months passed i noticed my grief changing,into something not all consuming like the first months,time never heals,grief is carried with you,but it does change into a manageable grief if that makes sense,i found i was able to get through to days where i smiled again,everyones grief is personal i know,and its a journey you make until you find yourself in a more comfortable place,as opposed to very uncomfortable feelings each day,i do know that all on here are making that journey at all different stages of grief and we all find a strength from somewhere,you will find it,like people say here one day at a time,dont look any further ahead its the best way to keep going,thats what i have done,have you support of family or friends around you ? xx

A few weeks before my wife died my youngest daughter gave birth to her first child and, as she lives near us, or me now, I’ve been able to keep a close eye on her. My concern was that when she was younger she suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and as a new mother I was concerned as to whether that made her more likely to suffer post natal depression. Normally I would have been the one telling my wife not to worry.
As far as I can tell my new grandson has acted as a massive distraction but she said that she felt she hadn’t been able to grieve properly, whatever that means.
Another daughter suffered a miscarriage eight weeks after her mother died and she lives a long way from her brother and sisters.
I hope you have good family support and they are local. It’s likely that when the baby comes that will be a life changing event in itself and maybe you need to identify your support in the short and medium term. It’s an horrific situation for you to be in but unlike a lot of us, you can’t become paralysed by grief. Somehow you have to find a way to be strong. I feel so sorry for you. Best wishes for your ongoing journey.