First fathers day

Its going to be my first fathers day without my dad on sunday an it makes me feel very sad i miss him hes been gone 8 months now an my belly still drops wen i think about him going it was so quick and unexpected an its just crap.


Same here. I want to honour my dad on father’s day. Not sure how, yet, but I said to my mum we could all sit together and share a Toblerone: his favourite :heart:.

Last fathers day we had best day ever with my dad and my husband and all the family in the garden this year my dads gone and so has my husband both died suddenly my dad September and my gorgeous husband in April what a difference a year makes am dreading it

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I feel the same. A year on Friday and this week is a tough one. We will all get through. Itll just take time

Inp people say first of everything but at times everyday is agony got my bloods done today I’ve always put it off cause was always worried something might not be right but now i don’t really care if anything is wrong with me or not i no thats not fair on my family as they’ve been through enough and don’t need me as a worry