First mothers day without mum

I have been dreading the promotion of mothers day this year. Because it will be the first one without mum I went into a supermarket today and the cards were there. I am still grieving, mum passed in January so it is still very upsetting I just have crying episodes and I can’t stop in the shop I just stood there could not move everything is just so hard. Kate88



It be my 1st mother’s day aswell without my mum. My mum passed away in December. Like you I’m dreading it but I have decided to still buy my mum a card feels strange not to buy one. I know she will never read it but I will put it in the memory box I’m making my mum

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Like you both it’s my first one since my mum went in December and I will just work it and then go out flowers where her ashes are spread…that way I can also see my auntie as her ashes are spread there too. If I work that means someone else can spend time with their mum and I just wish I had that opportunity.

Sending you all best wishes and some strength to help us through it all,

Suzanne x

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