First Mothers day without my mum

So this is the first year I won’t be writing, saying or texting 'Happy mothers day. It doesn’t feel real, it certainly doesn’t feel fair, but it does feel very sad :cry:. My beautiful mum will be in my thoughts all day, I miss her so much. Maybe one day I will accept this is real…but not yet

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Hello SA1966.
A sad day for you, indeed. A day for remembering all the lovely things you and your Mum did together, perhaps?
Please know we are here for you, if you should need us.
Take care,
Online Community Team.

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It’s my second and this time I’m functioning. It seems harder I think because last time everything was so blurred and I was operating on autopilot. This time it just physically aches and I’m so lonely. My husband doesn’t understand all I want is a hug from my lovely lovely mum.
I’m told you learn to live with the loss, you adapt and find a new acceptance.

I texted, mum told her about my day, wished her a happy Mother’s Day. I chatted to her whilst drinking a glass of bubbles in her arbor I’ve rehomed. I even bought a pretty pink flower for my garden… something about it just shouted mum at me. I’m functioning

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Thoughts are with you,so sorry for your loss. Fourth Mother’s day for me,hasn’t been an easy day,got through it though,and kept busy. Losing my Mum 4 years ago on the 1st of September this year,and my Dad 2 years ago on the 31st of August,i am just not the same person any more,very difficult at times. Try to get through each day,and gather as much support as you can,if you have family. Lucy,xxx

That’s such a lovely thing you did for your Mum. I understand just wanting a hug from her or to hold her hand. I lost my Mum in November and it was her birthday the day after Mother’s day. I spoke to my Dad but didn’t mark the day particularly apart from have her in my thoughts. I hope you have feelings of respite from your grief. I’m finding it a hard process and haven’t really come to terms with Mum not being with us yet.