First time at restaurant without him

Well, today was very difficult for me, it has been just over 3 months that my beloved husband passed away. I was invited to celebrate his sister’s birthday at a local restaurant that we frequented often. My husband’s brother invited me. It was so strange for Marcial to be missing at the table, then when we were having dessert we were reminiscing about him and my brother in law is so like Marcial, he even sounds like him. , I started to cry and so did my daughter, once I was home again I spent the rest of the day crying. I hadn’t cried for a couple of days, but doing something ordinary just left me in pieces. I thought I was handling things better but now I’m breaking down just writing this now. The pain is just as raw as it was. I miss him so much​:pensive::sob:

So sorry about your experience Marcial. I STILL can’t visit any of the pubs that I visited with my husband. It is 2 yrs since he passed but I can’t visit them. Our favourite pub is only a few minutes walk from my house and is where we had the wake for my husband’s passing.They hung a photo of him above the pool table as he was a keen player of pool. I still turn my head and look at the doorway but I can never go there again. In time I hope these memories will become good ones but for now they are excruciating. I am so sorry for your experience but the fact that you went to the family celebration shows that step by step you are getting stronger even though you don’t realise it yet.

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Thank you for replying and I’m so sorry for your loss too.