first year very special lady

Jayne came into my life in 1991.she was a breath of fresh air.from day one I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.
weeks before I met Jayne,i was in dispute with the CSA over my daughter,even though over the years id been to court to try get access to see my daughter,the access never became regular,i was in and out of court like a yoyo.Nothing would ever persuade her mother to keep the visits regular.Anyway thats why I was up in Cheshire living with my parents,id reached the end of my tether and decided make a clean break id lived in Nottingham all my life.My dads company had moved base up to booths hall Knutsford
so my parents had lived in Cheshire since 1984.I had always wanted be a father and it was heart wrenching having to make the decision to cut ties and move.Then along came Jayne my world was now a great place to be,the lady who was brought into this world to complete me.Jayne always new I had a daughter from a previous start off as you mean to go on and be open and honest,especially with the girl of my dreams.
Jayne was between jobs,she had just left link recruitment and was hoping start working for Cetema a company just starting up in Knutsford.At this time I worked for an engineering company in the aerospace department was birds precision bellows.from day 1 we saw each other every day.Sadly I developed sciatica,which got so bad I couldn’t even stand up.I was in hospital for 6 weeks,after 5 I could stand but was taken for an MRI scan which revealed my disc was prolapsed.i was told an operation was the only chance of cure.i had the operation.Jayne visited every evening during my stay,even Jaynes mum visited a few afternoons[dont know why considering the hassle she caused me since I lost Jayne]
Jayne had excelled in the few months since joining Cetema.and had a Christmas due in an hotel in the lake district.I was in hospital and just had my operation which was performed in Manchester hospital,id been in Macclesfield for the 5 weeks previous.was told would be another week before I could be discharged.but I knew in 5 days time Friday 13th was the Christmas due.i persuaded them release me.Im pretty sure if they knew id be sitting in a car seat for a few hours being driven to the lake district I may not of been discharged.
Even though I was in pain,it was great to be able spend time with my wonderful soul mate.and her work was a small company .in Jaynes office was Mike the ceo ,Elizabeth secretary.Alan and Harold scientists and their partners.Mike the ceo referred to Jayne as the golden girl,because she was a great worker and had long flowing blond hair.
I got on with all of them and little did I know then that id be with Jayne another 28 years.
sitting there I was as happy as any man could ever be.sitting here now recalling this little bit of time from my past with Jayne im in floods of tears,knowing I hadn’t fulfilled my dream of spending my whole life with my very very special lady.
my memory is not great i forget things and ive now put this were i can read it and recall
my beautiful loving soulmate Jayne.

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during summer time we used go blackpool for the day,and occasionally chester zoo or Alton towers.was great being able spend so much time with the love of my life.we were still living with our parents but spent as much time as we could together.Jayne as made my life exceptionally good for years and years I could not of ever been happier.even when Jayne did a bit of work at the weekends in Knutsford I painted the office and spent the weekends with Jayne painting as Jayne worked to lol,i walked into the town center to get us both some sarnies or other food.i could not love Jayne any more than I loved her,its not possible .