Five weeks on.

It’s five weeks since thr sudden and unexpected death of my wife. The awful reality that I shall never see her again. Never see her sitting across from me doing her adult colouring. Never come home from early morning shopping to find my bowl of cereal ready with a dish of fruit to accompany it. Never have our morning competition to see who could finish the i and Guardian quick crosswords the first. Never laugh with her over our favourite TV comedies. She doesn’t know that Two Doors Down has started a new series. And what am I to do? At 76 what can life offer, apart from a slow decline ending in some care home when it’s decided I can no longer cope on my own.we always said it would be best for us if we went together. How true that was.

Hello Cliff, so sorry to read your beloved wife passed away just five weeks ago. The insight into how you spent your days together shows me the deep love and laughter shared between the two of you. I wish I could help you with your question, but I’m also wondering, what the future has in store. For now, it’s getting through the minutes and hours of the day as best we can; you have such lovely memories, please take care & kind wishes, xx

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Hi Cliff42
Your words are exactly how I was feeling because I lost my husband 10 weeks ago and I am absolutely devastated but I make myself do things and I have just got back to work this week to be with people again.

It’s still early days yet but I’m sure you will find some where you can socialise to meet people to have lunch and a chat!
Please don’t shut the world out because I found it even harder .

Believe it or not I actually work in a care home and really love my job been there 14 years nearly.

Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx
Take Care wishing you all the best for the future xx

Cliff, Im exactly like this. My Husband died nearly 6 weeks ago. It’s the never watching the quiz programmes with him, laughing at favourite programmes together. Just not the same on your own.
I find weekends the loneliest, everyone around me seems to have a family to share things with. But right now I seem to be feeling very sorry for myself yet I know there are so many people in exactly the same situation.
I hope you will have some better days, although it’s early days when it’s only been a few weeks.
Take care x

Hello Cliff, I am very sorry for the loss of you dear wife. How you describe your days together makes me realise that you had a wonderful, close and happy relationship.
I had the same relationship with my dear husband, we were so contended together and so much in love.
Five weeks is a short period of time and especially as your wife’s death was sudden and unexpected, you must feel in absolute shock.
I just wanted you to know that I can relate to single word you have written.
Please take care of yourself and sending you very best wishes and understanding
Elaine x

Hi Cliff. I lost my wife three weeks ago, after a three year battle of cancer. We’ve been married for 34 years. I thought I was doing OK but now the funeral is over it looks like what comes next is ‘the rest of life’. My biggest help is in hearing my wife in my ear, saying that I need to carry on, to be busy, and to talk to my friends and family. Easier said than done, of course.
Good luck, Cliff.