Five years om

What I want to say I’ve spent these last five years thinking I might recover from losing my love: it will never happen. We never recover from losing our

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I think you’re right davidf, we will never recover. Our loved ones will always be missing from our life. It was 3 years last June for me and I miss my husband as much now as I did then. He remains as big a part of my life as he ever was. We are still a couple and always will be. I think though, that by accepting that we will never recover enables us to live our lives as best we can. I hope we can make our men proud. Sending love. xx


about 6 months after I lost Alan in 2018, still miss him like hell 2 years on, I remember a friend telling me that we never get over grief, we learn to live with it, She lost her husband, as then, 22 years prior, she did go on to meet someone and eventually marry, 19 years ago, she was still young with a young family, She is happy but said the love and loss of her first husband is still within her heart. I took her words of genuine support and continue to remember them,

that’s how we have to get through this grief, we can’t go around it, we have to live through it, then learn to live with the grief as we begin to live our different life for both ourselves and our lost partners. It is not an easy path before us and there will be times when our grief overwhelms us, but it is a path we now have to tread sadly,

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today

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