five years on ...

anyone else still grieving after major loss five, six years on?

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Yes Berit, 4 years on since helplessly watching my precious little Sister flat line in the hospital, and I’ve never been the same. I carry on but the spark of life has left me. She was the best friend I will ever have, and she brought so much joy to my world. Now I am withdrawn, and other than work, I tend to isolate. Friends do not get in touch as often as in the beginning, and I accept that they have their families and their own lives. My loneliness is not for the company of other people, but for my Sister. I will never stop grieving for my Sister, the void can never be filled. I will carry this heartache until my final day. I hope you are doing as best as possible. Xxx Sister2


I feel the same! I just often drag around … :heartpulse:

I tend to isolate. ME TOO

Yes Berit, me, I am still grieving. Its 5 years and 8 month, since I lost me lovely wife. I thought I was getting better, but last year was our 60th wedding anniversary. we had planned to do so much.
But cancer changed all of that. I have shed tears every day since she went, and longed for her to come back, I know she wont, but since last year its been so much worse. the enthusiasm just is not there any more. Our children (grown up) have helped all they can, but without my loved one I am lost. T.

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awww … I am so sorry. I can only imagine. companionship for a human so critically important. we sort of wander the earth, without it.


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