Ive posted a few times now as you know
Lost my mum in law & my dad this year
Now found out few days ago my Aunty died also
She was on my dads side of family spoke to her quite few times just starting to get to know her
Oh it’s complicated?
Anyway what flowers are appropriate to send with card
I’m not allowed attend funeral besides limit to 20 dads family going
Not enough space for my brother & I
What type of flowers is appropriate to send
Do I get hand tied bouquet or spreath or wreath?

I suggest you ring a florist and ask their advice. They are dealing with this all the time. It is such a sad time for everyone at the moment. I hope you get sorted. Take care.


Hi Sandra,
This week I have been looking into flowers myself for the funeral of my mother in law.
A lot depends on the type of funeral and if the person who died has left specific wishes.
Some people do not want flowers. A lot of people these days prefer a donation to be made to a charity they had chosen. If there is a funeral notice, there should be links on there on how to do this. It also depends on if it is a funeral or a cremation and where it takes place. There may not be a place where flowers can be left after a cremation. I found a lot of helpful information on the Dignity website. This is the link to an article on the interflora website on 'funeral flower etiquette:

I hope any of this is helpful to you.
I am sorry for your loss and that you cannot attend the funeral.

You could also ask if your Aunt had a favourite charity and give perhaps a donation, instead of flowers. Just an idea. I find flowers rather expensive.


Hi Daffy
Yes that’s a nice idea may just do that or
Just didn’t know what type of flowers or even when her funeral will be
Just feel left in the dark again
That’s why I was just going send on card and flowers to my Aunty husband/family
But not sure what type flowers is appropriate
What a year year from hell
Just feel so alone at times
Don’t think I’m coping well good days bad days
Spend a lot time in my room don’t get up early anymore no point
1st mum in law died I never forget it
Then husband move back with us not really supportive
Had big impact on us all
Then my dad died then Covid
Now my aunt- dads sister died
Now my other aunt-mums side not great
I don’t work anymore well agency but no work now to go to that affect me also
Carer to family
Anyway hope your doing ok