Food allergies

I wanted to know if anyone here is allergic to any foods that cause severe sore throat?

I had the worst sore throat that began
suddenly and carried on getting worse over several days
until I was in agony. No fever or anything.
It was one sided with no other symptoms except
reddened eyes. It felt like a swollen lump in there.

I love strawberries and eat some daily, for years.
I couldn’t eat for days until I got better.
But last night I had them again and woke a few hours
later with the start of sore throat and red eyes!

Anyway, has anyone had this?

Hi Rachel50,
I have developed many food allergies since my agonising bereavement five years ago and they affect my throat too.
I have to avoid all sorts of foods and other things too because of it.

This might sound a bit off the wall but I’ll tell you anyway and if it helps that’s good but just ignore it if it doesn’t make any sense to you.
I’m quite a spiritual person and the throat embodies our centre for communication, whenever I try to talk about something that stirs my emotions I begin to cough and that only comes from my throat.
There are ways to help this with natural healing ways but of course the covid situation has prevented me from seeing someone about this.
I take antihistamines for now but I am determined to get on top of this.
Strawberries have been known to cause an allergic reaction but I am not an expert and you might want to seek expert help. :two_hearts:

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Oh yes,
mind and body and spirit are interconnected.
It makes sense. These past two years have been
so tough on all who are already lowered.
I feel myself depleted of vital energy. Physical illness is the inevitable result.