Football I have a feeling now

Ben was a massive football fan , I just got this feeling, we are gonna win the Euros now and it’s sods law he won’t see it … But maybe he’s chatting with the football Gods as we speak !


So was my husband ! He wouldve loved these euros :frowning: xx


I hope Ben is right :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure he’s watching wherever he is, cheering them on as he always has.

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@Maz5 I hope so too.

Roger would be watching and enjoying every game.

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My husband was not really interested in football .

I am watching it in the hope of being distracted by something that doesn’t remind me of him.

There are some things I can’t watch as it he loved it and so it reduces me to tears.

Rose x


My husband was a massive football fan. He would have been glued to the TV. I have absolutely no interest in football. I smile to think that life does not have to revolve around what matches he wanted to sit and watch.


Nigel was a huge fan.
I really miss his on-going commentary and shouting at at telly, even though I never had a clue what was happening, or who was who, or who was winning :broken_heart:


Yeh shouting at the t.v. … miss that too ! Just hate the bloody silence tbh and nobody here to share with … i hope i can love again … i loved sharing my life with somebody else ! Its so rewarding isnt it ? I been away this weekend but still so strange driving the car without him sat next to me :frowning: X


We both loved football I have watched it all my life as an only child with a football mad father I was going to games from been a toddler,then along came Peter and for 38 years we enjoyed it together.Now Im alone watching it when the Euros started I just burst into tears it’s so upsetting nobody to discuss it with nobody to tell to shut up because they are shouting too loud.On how I miss that shouting.


Yeh know what you mean ! My husband big foootball fan too xx