For my daughter

Hi, I recently lost Julie my wife to breast cancer. She was 51. I’m getting along as best I can I s’pose, but my main concern is our 18 yr old daughter. She is emotionally all over the place. She has tried a couple of counselling sessions, but she doesn’t get much out of it. I probably should add that she’s a bit of a wild kid and cynical before her time. There is one thing that she desperately wants though, and that is to speak to someone of her own age who is going, or who has gone though the same thing. If anyone on here can advise me on how to access anything like this, then I appreciate that very much. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi SteveJ.
We are really sorry to hear about your loss, and we understand how hard it must be for yourself, and your daughter too. Have you tried this may be a really useful outlet for your daughter, as well as which is a community discussion board, aimed at those aged under 25.
We hope that helps, and if we can help with anything else, please let us know.
Best wishes,
Online Community Team.

Hi Stevej,
I am an old lady, I do not know any 18 year olds, I can recommend though a very good book called Waterbugs and Dragonflys. Our son read an extract from it at my husband’s funeral, I had found him on our bedroom floor last August he had died. This book is targeted at children but there are some beautiful passages in it, it is available from Amazon UK.
I am sorry that you are going through so much and I feel for your daughter too.
Take care,
MaryL x