for those missing a partner, might help

Not grieving but about partner loss.


Hi, wonderful video, my partner died in January. I feel alone but I know this will pass in time. Your video I found uplifting. Thank you.

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So sorry for your loss. I lost my partner six weeks ago. He had an heart attack. The loneliness consumes me. Sending you hugs and hope xx


Thank you for a lovely heartfelt video. Loneliness can be felt even in a crowded room too, I’m sorry your wife has had to go into a care home, at least you can take her out and take her to nice places which is so good for her. My lovely husband passed away on the 1st February 2024 and I miss him so much, and I’m sure all the people on this site feel the same.


That was a lovely video berit, i am in Grimsby and we are lucky in this area, there are so many lovely places to have a walk around and pass a little time. Just need the weather to warm up now. The loneliness and emptiness is terrible but you are right getting out for a walk does help.