For those that need it

Just felt the need to share `*



Thank you Kazzer.


Sad2 your more than welcome xx

That is beautiful , thank you x

@Kazzer hi Kazzer thankyou for sharing

That’s beautiful Kazzer, thank you. I’m crying a river of tears because that is exactly how my mum felt, and I can almost her voice as I read the words. I’ve kept a snapshot photo of the poem as I know those words are going to mean a lot to me.

Angie4 your very welcome

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Casey1 your welcome I just felt the need to share as I thought it would bring a little comfort and hope to some of us

Lilymum I’m glad it gives you comfort I was hoping it would do just that for some of us

That really is beautiful… Thanks for posting it :slightly_smiling_face: x

Lost in limbo your very welcome I saw it and thought of the people on this site who may take some comfort from it ,I did .

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Beautiful thank you x

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Sharon Ann your very welcomexxx

Hi Kazzer

This is beautiful thank you for sharing is it OK if I print it off for myself as a keep sake it’s very comforting and encouraging

Of course you can print it off it’s not actually my own personal poem I saw it and like yourself took a lot of comfort from it and thought it would be nice to share on this site xxx

Thank you so much I will print it of tomorrow this is the second thing I have found comfort in

I am so glad you have found comfort in this as it’s something we all need a lot of on a daily basis Thame care Karen💕

So very beautiful. Thank you

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Thats beautiful

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