For those we have lost and love

For those we have lost and love. You made everyday special and filled our life’s with love. Your smile would light up a room. You brought joy and happiness into our life’s. You were so easy to love but are so hard to do without. Even though you are not here with us our love continues and you will always be a part of us. The light may have left your eyes but they will always shine bright in our memories. You will never be forgotten and you will always be loved and you will always be missed,wanted and needed. You gave so much to us in life . So much love and happiness. You were always there with a smile to pick us up when we were down. Always there to hold us when we cried. Always there to share a laugh. Always there to talk things over with. You were the best thing in our lifes and our greatest treasure. We honour you by trying to carry on although it’s so very hard to do withoutyou. You made such an impact on our life’s and made them so much better for having you in them. We will carry you with us in all we do and hold you close In our hearts until that glorious day comes when we are reunited. Be at peace and know you are loved .


Dear @Casey1

Thank you for sharing such beautiful words with the Community.

Take care.


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Thank you so well put I agree with all you have written
Our love one is so badly missed and will always be loved and never forgotten
Take care xx


Hiya Casey lost my husband of 47years my life is not good I miss him so much my life will never be the same we were lucky to have so much love :two_hearts: lv annie x x

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Dear Casey, The feelings you expressed are very sweet and loving…and I’m sure your loved one experienced the same amount of caring, love and happiness from you. You were a special team and were/are there still for each other. And, be assured that your loved one is at peace and knows that the love you shared was/is very special for both of you. Take care…breathe deeply…Pipsi

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This is so apt Casey, exactly how I feel. Thank-You

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Lovely words

Dear Caser1
I have just read your posting and it is really beautiful. I am so sad and unhappy because my beloved husband Geoff died suddenly a few weeks ago. We were together for 52 years but now I am completely alone and unhappy. This site helps me a great deal and your words on your email are just right. Thank you for posting. Take care. Love Carol

@Carol21 dear carol i am so very sorry you lost your beloved husbend Geoff. Wow 52 years. However long we have with our soulmates, its never long enough . We had almost 21 years and it wasn’t long enough. Keep talking on here as it does help talking to others who understand. I just put up things that i would like to say to my darling. I still talk to her all the time. My thoughts are with you. Take care sending hugs xxx

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