…for everyone in this unfathomable situation…:broken_heart:

How can I continue on without you by my side?
With each day that passes by,
this thought I can’t abide.
To contemplate just me, not we I cannot comprehend.
Or that our perfect life together now is at an end.

I miss you with intensity I struggle to describe.
The aching pain within my heart disolving me inside.
Though my head acknowledges I’ll never get you back,
accepting this reality is something that I lack.

Existing every hour, every minute through the day,
is something I now have to do, in that I have no say.
With everything we shared in life our purpose was so clear.
But now I’m one, I can’t go on pretending your still here.

So how can I console myself
some solace so to find?
To somehow step outside these thoughts, achieving peace of mind.
I cannot see an answer, no solution to this hell.
Must I now live my new unwanted life an empty shell?

My head refuses to accept
this future I now see.
To live my life just as before
without you here with me.
I never signed to be a part
of this new master plan.
But now you’re gone, I must go on, just don’t know how I can…

…but I must find a way…I have no choice…

…miss you more than I can say…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


@UnityMan hi that is so beautiful and so very true. It choked me up and is exactly how i feel without my soulmate here with me. Thank you for sharing.


That is so beautiful, so accurate. Where did this poem come from? It’s choked me up, it so hits the nail on the head.


I wrote it…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


Morning UnityMan,
If I could write poetry that is what I would have written. The words are so true for many of us on this unwanted journey. Looking back over our lives with our loved ones this all seems like a very bad dream now and hard to comprehend.
Your poems are heartfelt.
Thank you, Jenny


Thank you…I write because it is cathartic for me, but if it helps others it makes me happy…anything that helps this terrible situation we find ourselves in …anything at all :broken_heart::sleepy:


Well it helps me, as I have said before your words make me feel that I am not the only one to have these thoughts but am unable to put them into words so keep writing.
Having another what am I going to do today… I think if I do some gardening or some housework then I’ll feel better, but sadly it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know that there is an answer but do hope so as this is so draining for the soul.


Another great poem capturing how we all feel
Thanks for sharing :heart:


@UnityMan another great poem summing up how we all feel. You really are a talented man. Thanks for sharing.


That is so poignant and true


That poem sums it up perfectly x


Yet again so poignant and beautiful x