Four legged unsung heroes

If it hadn’t been for my dog I’d not have bothered getting up, getting dressed or going outside. He’s a rescue dog but he’s rescued me. Even at my lowest I had to get dressed and go out to walk him I had to look after him. He sat by my side listening as I cried and ranted and poured out my deepest thoughts.I’m sure others have found support in these four legged freinds.



I totally agree with you, what would we do without them. I did have dogs but lost them before my husband, I’ve still got my cats and they are always there cuddling up, they do help so much.


Hi Paula,
Yes, I agree. Dogs (and cats too) can bring so much joy and comfort into our lives.
You may like to look at a thread on this site called: Let’s hear it for our pets
It has more than 400 posts from people writing about their pets.
To find it, just go to the looking glass in the right hand cornet and type in ‘pets’.

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Hi Paula
Couldn’t agree more. I have posted many times about my beloved dogs. The Topic about our pets has many photographs on it also.
I agree with every word. My pair are also rescue but saved me with their love. I often wonder if I would have ever bothered to get out of bed again if it hadn’t been for them giving me dirty looks and jumping on me when they want to go out walkies. The walks are also a big help. I meet and chat to many other dog owners so the exercise and fresh air sets me up for the day when i start off feeling like rubbish. They became my therapy and medication all rolled up into one. Would recommend anyone to get a pet.
Pat xxx


Same with me, when my husband died last year unexpectedly at work, I was totally broken/lost. After 33 years together I didn’t know who to be anymore. We did everything together. But my 2 dogs made me get up everyday to walk, feed, love them. Unfortunately one died age 16 6 weeks ago😢
My husband and I Bought our home , spent 5 years renovating it. I lived here with a husband and 3 dogs and now it’s just me and my small dog Tia that’s left. My husband was only 55 taken way too young and suddenly last year. I’ve 2 wonderful grown up children and 3 grandchildren they check on me all the time but I just so miss their Dad. He should still be here as it was Negligence on GPs part why he died but that’s another story. Keep getting up see what each day brings, don’t ever be hard on yourself or expect too much. Just Be! For now, hopefully in time I may feel alive again. Xxx much love Karen


My 2 dogs have got me through so much as others have said they get you up in the morning. The walks I’m sure have helped me get over my cancer treatment I still walked them twice a day all through chemo there were days when I didn’t want to go out but when you have 2 dogs sitting in front of you doe eyed what do you do. I watched my father when my mother passed and I’m determined I don’t want to be like him.

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