Four months

Hello everyone. As you may know my lovely son died in July in an accident. It’s a nightmare that seems unreal at times. I wanted to ask does anyone else find mood can change for no real reason to a state of anxiety, stress, agitation, fast heart beat. I find it difficult to settle so I go for a walk, then find I want back home again. I find I wake up in this state quite often then settle a bit as the day goes on.

I am very much the same. My daughter died in August. I wake with an anxious feeling or a pounding heartbeat during the night and in the morning. My jaw is tight so I am obviously tense even when asleep.
Walking has helped a lot because I can rarely sit still.
My mood does suddenly change. One minute I feel I am coping, the next I am in bits. Talking with others this is common so I guess it is another thing we just have to ride with.
Four months is really no time at all in the scheme of things for us to find a new normal is it?
Take care
With love xx

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Thank you for replying matella. I am glad to hear it’s not just me, although I would wish no one had to go through this. I wonder what causes it. Sometimes I think I’ll not go to sleep and then I won’t have to wake feeling like that! It must be the shock of sudden death that does it. Your right that four months is a short time. The book I read says it takes 2 - 3 years to find any kind of normal life again. Thank you again for helping. Take care x

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