Fridays and weekends

Since losing my partner, I find the weekends very hard.
Difficult to motivate myself to do anything.
Good to have a community to write feelings down, knowing people understand without judgement.


This is the first weekend that i haven’t been mad busy since my husband passed 3 weeks ago…its horrible i feel absolutely lost lots of wandering about, making tea i dont drink. Its all very very weird.


Yes, we are all here for you. Battered, bruised and damaged, but still just about standing sometimes. I also find weekends difficult. Everyone has a different but equally agony and all at different points. Everyone listens, offers support and empathy. It helps to know that we are not alone and nobody judges.
Much love, xx


I know it’s rubbish.
I am going to take his mother away for a weekend. We have both been hit really bad by his departure from planet Earth.
But I said before on here . Just because our brain says “what’s the point?’ I have replied” well what’s the point in happy couples going out somewhere or the point in anything!" This has enabled me to get out a bit. The more you do it the more experience etc. not easy I totally understand and I sit in bed longer than I should.

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Thanks for all your comments. Helps me understand better.
Great to know a community out there.



Sorry for your loss and welcome to the worlds worst club :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s completely shite isn’t it…the weekends are by far the worse. I’ve done all I need to do today, bit of shopping and took my son for a driving lesson (even that should have been my partner as I’m a total wimp driving :joy:) any way we both survived.

Now what do you do for the rest of the day? Can’t be arsed cleaning or cooking. Looks like it’ll be phone scrolling, watching crap on TV and filing temu basket up.



You’re not on your own. Fridays and weekends awful. I just force myself to go for a walk or find jobs to do. I find it so hard to even vwr showered and ready for another lonely day