Friend who lost partner last July is convinced husband has c

After some advice please. A close friend suddenly lost her husband last July. She was very dependent on him and is finding the lost very difficult. She doesn’t seem to be coping well, drinking during the day and not looking after herself. All this I can understand.
Last week she announced that her dead husband had moved back into the house, and she sees him in his chair. I understand this reaction is quite common, but I’m at a lost of what to say to her. I haven’t dismissed it or said anything negative, but just wonder what is the best way to help her. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.


Hi, I can understand your concern, could you suggest that she makes a face to face appointment with her GP that you could attend with her? Also an appointment with a bereavment councellor? Or find her a good book on sudden bereavment?

It sounds like she’s still in shock & might need some help to move through that.

It’s good that she has you as her friend & I’m sure she appreciates you.


Hi Flower_garden. Many thanks for your reply.

I think I will try suggesting a bereavement councillor, she refuses to see her doctor, as she feels he played a part in her husbands death.

She has now started to run baths for her late husband, to make him comfortable. I just wish I knew what to say.

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