I lost my bestfriend, I am unable to look at pictures of him I feel very panicky of trying to do life without him. It’s hard because people think it isn’t as bad when it’s a friend but I cannot fathom a life without him. I need him back and cannot thinking of the life that could have been


Hi @S223
The loss of someone your close to is still a loss, so don’t devalue your feelings, your grieving, & your entitled to your feelings.
Sometimes best friends can feel as close as siblings, you have memories together, & would support eachother through upsetting times. It’s a big shock loosing someone your close to, just take it one day at a time. If you’re struggling to go out, maybe look into what support is available. Sending hugs of support

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I’m not sure which people think it’s not as bad if it’s a friend, but I have 3 or 4 examples of that not being the case.

My neighbour died of a broken heart within a few weeks of her best friend dying.

My friend in work said she needed counselling after losing her best friend.

My mum was devastated at losing her best friend.

My best friend is very much with us, but we tell each other all the time that we are like sisters to each other, and she is probably 1 of the 2 living people I’m closest to and care most about.

Sooo, I wouldn’t assume that people think that losing a friend isn’t as bad.