Friends with the best of intentions planning days out in 1 months time. I cant think of tomorrow never mind 1 months just trying to accept a life without R just now and dont want to go out for an afternoon like it used to be.just feel bad saying that to them but i cant help it…i dont think they understood this at all.couple of them are a lot younger defo have no clue just like i didnt before this hit me


I think you will have to make it clear that you are simply not ready yet. I certainly wouldn’t have been either and was lucky nobody suggested it.
Their caring for you may need to be guided by you so they can do things which WILL actually help when you want them to.
Karen xxx

Yes im not being pushed 8nto anything now if i dont feel i want to defo dont feel lke travelling to an afternoon out i know im not ready for x

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Jan 207
Yes people invite me and not ready usually. Whe. I feel like it it isn’t the right time for them. It they ask me to do what I can’t do like sit in cafe drink coffee. That is the last thing im I can do or want to do. Rather do anything than that. I hate that. I would rather just go out in the open and sit in a bench with a thermos.
Wish could just say that but they don’t like that. Say it is too cold

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