Hi am new to this , and have gone through my grief on my own for a year and am now finding it so hard as well as my parents being in hospital for 5 months


I’m sorry you have needed to come here but it’s a good place to be, for support and people’s understanding of your situation.

I lost my partner suddenly in Jan 23, so approaching the first year mark. I’m sorry that you have had no one to talk to. I do find that people just don’t know how to handle death and because they don’t know how to handle it, what to say or what to do, they do nothing.

This is hard for us but I have found this site to be amazing. I have made many friends through this site, some I have met with and it’s good to have someone who knows exactly what it’s like and how it feels.

I hope this site does the same for you. It is a hard journey but you have got through this first year. It is hard but if you look back, I bet you’re not at square one.


Thank you ava2 for your kind message .
It has been very hard but find night time really hard with no one to talk to or have a laugh with . I go over and over in my head that day and I blame myself wishing I never went to the pub that day for a family drink with my husband but he insisted .

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