today for the first time I’m suddenly frightened of the future. frightened about money, frightened about the loneliness frightened about almost everything. I’m a 63 year old male. it’s so scary she’s almost 7 weeks gone. I don know if I can cope.


I have and still do get similar feelings…my Councellor told me that when it happens to just concentrate on the here and now… So that’s what I do… Longer term thinking just sends into a panic… So don’t do it…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


@BobY I totally understand. I feel out of my depth with the practical stuff around the house, the car, the garden. I worry who will look after me if I get sick. I also worry about my financial situation and the all consuming loneliness. As if grief wasn’t enough! Sending hugs


@BobY I am 56 and my husband died suddenly at 53 years old. I know how you feel as could of had another 25/30 years together. I feel his life has been robbed and our future plans and dreams have gone. I’m also scared of the future without my husband and the loneliness. I have my son living with me at the moment but plans to move forward with his life in the very near future. That is the time that my husband and myself would have spent time on our own after bringing our son up. We were looking forward to spending time on our own. My counselor also says to not to look to far in the future as we don’t know what the future would hold for us. Life indeed is unfair and cruel. Much love xx


I too only live in present. Hour by hour is how I cope.
Even though some necessary events, such as appointments are obviously planned ahead, don’t really think about them until the day.
Basically everything I do is just to pass time. Can’t get further than that at the moment.
Hugs to you all :hugs::hugs:


Wise words from @UnityMan
I was told the same by my counsellor just think of the here and now. One day at a time Thinking too far ahead is just too painful and scary. I would have complete meltdowns when I thought too far ahead about the future.


I feel the same panic. I am usually a planner, and i do have some things planned in like racing on Ladies Day at Bath and a holiday with a friend. Beyond that i am terrified. How will i cope, but as everyone has said one day or even one hour at a time.