From 2 to 1 (poem)

The things we do,
We’re meant for you,
Your every touch,
I loved so much,
Places we went,
Made memories I’ve dreamt,
Fun we had,
Made me honoured and glad,
The love we share,
Made us the perfect pair,
Our time cut short,
Who would of thought,
From two now one,
It seems so wrong,
So things I do,
We’re best as two,
My every touch,
I miss so much,
Places i wont go,
I just say no,
I don’t have Fun,
Without your mum,
The love is there,
But it’s not to share.
Cervical cancer,
You can’t prepare.
To miss your smear,
I wouldn’t dare.

Hi @Dorafrench ,

This is heartfelt and poignant - thank you for sharing it with us :blue_heart:

Take good care,

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