Don’t feel great
Not sleeping well either
Do you ever feel not really supported I do.
Lost mum in law then lost my dad
Yes barely knew who he was but devastated he’s gone
Anyway a few wks ago peanut away postal order paid a lot but it was for something to be written in remembrance book for my dad
Cremitorium said they never got it
To ask pos office to cancel get refund
Post office said no nothing to do with them
Now Cremitorium day they have it but posting back out to me as don’t accept postal orders due to pandemic🥵
Why didn’t they say this in there website.
Now need try cut down shorter what Ive written
So finally done all that
Now need copy scan etc they say to blurry print it send back to them
Which I’ve done record delivery
Think all to late
As recorded delivery going to Ireland book of remembrance sitting in London & leaving today
Now have to pay again and wait for postal order to return to me I’m concerned won’t get refund
Feel awful so upset nobody cares
This was meant to be for my dads anniversary in feb
Don’t feel supported and my counselling with cruise is finished

If you have gone through all that and survived it proves how well you are coping so try to see a plus in all this hassle. It does shred the nerves a bit but you may be able to calm down and breathe deeply for a while now. Everything passes and this will too. Take care.

No it’s still not sorted
Now they won’t refund postal order
I have to pay again but they should update there website now think it’s too late
Feel so stressed and upset
As they not received my entry in Ireland but the book is already sent away to London for everyone’s entries
Bad enough I’ve lost my dad dreading Christmas more so feb it be his anniversary

Can you pay for another today possibly if you have the money so you can still get it done and fight for a refund another time in the future when you have more energy. Or is it already too late to get your entry in the remembrance book now it is London? can you ask someone in London with access in it to write your entry in it if you text or email them what to write?

Sorry if those are useless, I am trying to think of anything you might be able to do to fix that part for now and think the rest you should take another time if possible as its a lot of stress you can’t have now.

If there is nothing that can be done then maybe write your own entry in your own book and put it somewhere pretty maybe near a plant, flowers or a candle in your place and take a photo of that (so you can read the writing) and send it to whoever is in charge of that book asking them to print and slip in?

Just some ideas, probably useless and I hate getting useless advice so I am sorry if that is the case and then just know we are hoping the best for you and thinking of you. Take care and look after yourself as this sounds very stressful. Go to bed maybe or anything you can to rest (I’ve just taken myself to bed with a drink of water, wish it was tea but I couldn’t be bothered to make it).

edit: just read your bio that you like music, maybe listen to some angry or calm music?

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