Funeral Anxiety

My boyfriends funeral is on Wednesday and the anxiety about it is getting unbearable. I’m an absolute mess. How the hell do you get through something like that? I plan to speak but I’m afraid I won’t be able to. His ex is speaking too and I’m anxious about what she’s going to say. I never imagined I’d be worrying about a funeral for the love of my life at my age. I thought we had forever. How do you cope on the day?


Hi, i felt the same way very anxious about the day wanting it to all go to plan. I planned a speach and was worried i wouldnt get through it but i managed to stay calm and read it in its entirety.
On the day of the funeral i decide that me personally would hold a truce as there was people there that i didn’t want to see but i wasn’t going to let it spoil the day to say goodbye.
You’ll find auto pilot will kick in and as long as you keep remembering its about your lost loved one then you will be ok x


I too was anxious and thought I would be an absolute mess but actually it went really well and yes I was very upset but the whole day was good and like every other day, you get through it x


Tbh I found my husband funeral extremely hard especially when the car turned up and I saw his coffin with his name in flowers. It took all my strength and friends to get me out of the front door as I was crying so hard. The second worst day of my life. We had lots of people at funeral which I was surprised by. Our son who is 22 got up and and said a speech about his dad. his first words were HI DAD…so very brave of him. Nearly every ones were in tears, my son said his dad deserved to be honoured. The wake went well with lots of memories of my soulmate. We took photos and a memory book so people could write their memories of my husband. Big hugs xx


@Dizzapea you’ll actually be surprised at how fast it goes. My Dad’s funeral was on 13th April. I too was a bag of nerves (I suffer with anxiety anyway) it kind of felt surreal to be saying goodbye. I’d never been to a funeral before but I was determined it was the last thing I could do for him. Best piece of advice I can offer is to break the day down into manageable chunks. Moment by moment. It really helped me cope. Hope it goes well.

My husbands funeral was 14 months ago but still feels like yesterday. It became real when the cars pulled up outside the house.
Although i didnt speak at his funeral i chose two lovely poems that the celibate read for me. I still have them but cant read them as the tears will flow

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