Funeral arrangements

Just wanted to ask for opinions if ok, it’s my wife’s funeral a week Thursday after she passed at the start of the month. Our daughter who is 17 isn’t keen on the hearse coming to the house and would rather meet it at the crematorium. I’d like my wife to see the house one last time (which probably sounds silly)but don’t want to upset out daughter even more on what will be a very difficult day anyway. I just want to do what’s best. Thank you.

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Hi I’m so sorry to read your situation, you don’t know what’s doing right and wrong. Did you wife have any wishes? Did she want to go from the house? I’ve always known the hearse go from where the person was living if possible. My mum lived in a care home but wanted to go from the house she had shared with with her husband. She always wanted to pass the sea one last time so the driver done a detour and drove us past the sea. Have you sat your daughter down and explained your feelings on it or even if you have someone that could take your daughter straight there and you follow the hearse from your home. So you get what you both want. It also might just be to emotional for your daughter and then shel have that memory. I think sitting down and talking will maybe help. Prefer with family. God bless you both


I got the furneal director to drive pass the house where i was born also my brother on the day of my mum’s funeral, it was where she bought us up,we also went pasted the bungalow she had moved into after we had left home, , i am glad we did it

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Hi Timbo - maybe talk to the funeral directors. This must be a problem they have to deal with fairly regularly. They may have some ideas and suggestions. Also maybe talk to your daughter and explain your thinking. It’s hard to talk or think straight when you have lost someone so dear, especially for you and your daughter. Hope you manage to find some sort of decision that helps you both cope with the day. I’m so sorry for your loss and send my kind thoughts to you and your family xx